About me

Bridget Price is an artist and visual designer originally from Dallas, Texas. She currently has rested in the greater Grand Junction area. Bridget is a proud alumni of Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas where she obtained her Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Communication Design in December of 2018. My, how things have changed since then! ​


Hi! I'm Bridget. In addition to art and design, I love pups, piano, podcasts, and people. A perfect day for me is making art with my dog by my side and a cup of iced coffee in my hand. I am a self-proclaimed font nerd and I view the world through lines, color, and design. 

Making & Making Better


Services & skills

From logo creation, to branding, to marketing, to art commissions, to web design, app design and social media marketing - I'm here to help.


I'm a firm believer that fine art strengthens design and design

strengthens fine art.